This is a project to produce a series of six travel brochures and matching protective packaging for a high-end travel consultancy.


I also select colours for each city, and I tried to choose them based on something famous in the city, like culture or food or colour you see everywhere in the city.
London is red cause all the buses and post boxes and phone boxes are red.
Paris is blue cause blue is the colour of freedom and the sky
Beijing is cherry red the same colour as cherry and lotus flowers which are a symbol in China.
Dubai is brown, the same colour as land and deserts
Amsterdam is purple because the Netherlands is a country of colourful and rare flowers.
Rome is olive green as olive trees are important in the culture of Italy and Greek. It’s the symbol of peace.
This colour coding would also help you to find the brochure of your city easier.

The project is done in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Enjoy the pages.

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