This graphic design project is about making an advertising poster and brochure for one of my light designs.

the subject of the project is a product, it might be better to communicate the function of the product. It would be combination of picture and words to show the atmosphere that the light will gives to the space and to give some information about the way it works via words. It also can work through a interactive design by showing the actual lightening in the design.

*Please find the complete project document on the PDF file attached to the post.



3x A3 final posters3x A3 final posters23x A3 final posters3


3 panel Brochure_Page_23 panel Brochure_Page_1

Mockup posters:

Niloofar Afshar - Mockup posterbus stop 2 mockupUrban Mockup


PDF Version:

Heavenly light project

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