This is a mockup website for Mini Pixels mini pops artwork.

The name Minipops comes from a show in 1983 in the United Kingdom. It shows that a child performs a song from an original performer.  The children were usually made to look like the actual artist, including clothing and make-up.

The idea was to guess the original artist from the child performance.

Now the idea with the mini pops is the same. The design is a small pixelized version of a famous character with the same closing. The target audience is the fans of those characters and artists and who like the game of guessing the little pixelized character’s identity.

The credit goes to:

The Designer Lady

Craig Robinson” owner of Flip Flop Flyin website.

#design #designer #graphicdesign #minipops #photoshop #dreamweaver #xd #thedesignerlady

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