Shiraz is a beautiful city famous for its magical springs with flowers with fantastic smell and the
singing birth. It’s also known as the city of poems. I wanted to show all of these elements in my
design. I didn’t want to leave any of the elements that this city’s people are proud of and keep
close to their hearts. I tried to merge as many elements as possible in my sketches, but it felt
overwhelmed and complicated. The question was how can I use all features but keep it simple
at the same time. The first answer was merging similar elements and then using the negative
space method to make it even simpler. I also got help from the minimalism method and dropped everything to its basic shapes.

I ended up choosing the most simplified design. Which still was contains the main elements of
the city. However, the missing part was that not all of them were unique. Most of the elements
were already out there. The logo was supposed to stand out. It didn’t want to repeat what was
already obvious about the city. Instead, I decided to drop them all and only use the one that
shows the spiritual beauty of the city. I kept the nightingale bird that sings the songs of life, just
like the city’s poets.

#design #designer #graphicdesign #illustration  #logodesigns #shiraz

Posted by:Niloofar

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