This is My final year core project. My design aims to find a better solution against light pollution, especially up light and glare in park and area which is shared with birds and other wildlife.


The design is a downlight luminaire which the light beam angle and the lumen can be changed in different hours of the light to make the area safe for humans to use, also to avoid the disturbing the sleep rhythm of residence animals.

The Lamp is supposed to have harmony with the surrounding environment. The shape of the light is inspired by the lily of the valley flowers.

The luminaire stands pole and the hat is made from copper to have a colour closest to the tree’s body, and inside parts are made of stainless steel.

The beam angle and diameter will be controlled by a DALI control system. The DALI protocol is managed under IEC standard 62386, recognised internationally as a global standard for professional digital lighting.

This design is ideal for parks and residential landscapes, where the lighting needs to be control and schedule.




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