final Cover

Final inside

Darcy’s letter (A piece of Composed music for the movie Pride and Prejudice 2005. based on the novel written by Jane Austen 1813.)

Released 2005


The liveliness of the houses in the 18th century was always so inspiring to me. The presence of flowers everywhere as patterns and textures within the décor provide real evidence of love

Surprisingly In contrast, the 18th century was an era where arranged marriages were the norm, which, I believe, replaced the beauty of romance. In such a time, imagining a romantic story between two people with a happy ending would have created a greater sense of joy, that was not often experienced, which is what makes Darcy’s letter even more powerful and captivating.

The music behind this design represents a letter, which had the power to change a hate-filled relationship between two people to one that was loving and passionate.

I created this Victorian design, where the patterns symbolise the love for the delicate Music.


Version 1


Design 2design 3desig 4

Version 2

design 5Design 9

Final Version


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